Supply Chain Security

Your Blueprint for Success
in the Supply Chain Industry

In the complex world of warehouse operations, the safety of your people and security of your inventory are paramount to your continued success. At Vector Security Networks, our dedicated supply chain team has developed a blueprint for success that focuses on your growth through partnership and innovation.

Experience Matters


After more than 30 yeas experience securing warehouses and distribution centers, we developed a blueprint that prioritizes your success and helps us to navigate your future as partners, with security and growth connected at every step.

Local Service. National Reach.
Your business will benefit from the stability of a company with a national reach that will grow with you and the convenience of local service that lets you know we’ll be there the moment you need us.

Dedicated Supply Chain Team.
Your business will benefit from an experienced, dedicated supply chain team that offers personalized attention to meet your unique security needs.

Focus on Security Innovations.
Our focus on innovative solutions that maximize security for your employees and inventory and streamlines operational efficiencies to help separate your business from the competition.

Superior Network Services.
As our name suggests, Vector Security Networks offers more than just the latest security solutions. We are your one-stop-shop for security and reliable managed network services, ensuring your facilities are protected 24/7, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Facility Types

Your Partner Throughout

the Supply Chain

Warehouses & Storage Facilities

A critical component of supply chain security is ensuring that products in warehouses are protected from damage or theft. Our solutions include monitored intrusion alarms, cloud-based access control, and intelligent video surveillance. Our industry-best security cameras for warehouses include video analytics and remote video monitoring to keep product secure and people safe.

Refrigerated Warehouses

Whether storing perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, or even furs, refrigerated warehouses play an important role in the supply chain ecosystem. And the methods used – blast freezing, tempering, modified atmosphere storage – require a partner that understands the supply chain. More than just intrusion, access and video solutions, we can help with environmental issues, inspection/testing agreements, and more.

Distribution Centers

The ability to store products for as long as needed at a competitive cost before being shipped out is essential in the B2B supply chain. And as the goods are stored, managed, handled, and shipped it is equally essential that they are protected from damage and theft. Our security and managed network solutions help protect product and people, from the perimeter of the property to the top of the shelf.

Fulfillment Centers

When customers place an order, the timeline to getting the product delivered to their doors is quickly becoming one of the most critical parts of the supply chain. This increasing expectation for timely delivery means fulfillment center inventory is handled frequently and quickly. That means product security and personal safety are at increased risk. That means we can help.


Third-party logistics (3PLs) providers allow e-commerce merchants to accomplish more, providing inventory management, warehousing space, and the tools and infrastructure to automate order fulfillment. Because we offer one-source solutions for physical security and managed networks, we help 3PLs ensure their customers’ good are delivered on time and intact.

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Your Partner Throughout the Supply Chain

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Physical Security Solutions

With an eye towards the future – and to maximize your security investment – we custom tailor a solution that grows with you, even if there are shifts in the marketplace.

Latest Security Innovations

With an eye towards the future – and to maximize your security investment – we custom tailor a solution that grows with you, even if there are shifts in the marketplace.

Managed Network Services for Supply Chain Facilities

We do more than just protect the physical premises of your warehouses. Our Managed Networks Services can improve your overall business operations. Managing and maintaining a network environment requires time, human capital, and expense – resources that many warehouses and distribution centers just don’t have.
Our Network Operations Centers deliver solutions and services customized to your business objectives. The rich deployment of applications across your warehouses and distribution centers drives business performance, protects your assets, and improves the overall operations across all your sites.

Managed Secondary Service Network

Our Managed Secondary Services Network is entirely separate from your company’s main network, streamlining your IT processes. Opt for a dedicated secondary network tailored to a specific function or various services, based on your preferences. You decide based on your business needs.

Enhanced Network Management

Enhanced Network Management provides in-depth analysis and maintenance of your network to better suit strategic initiatives. Enhanced standardization, bandwidth con¬sumption, capacity planning, lifecycle management, user traffic patterns, and granular reporting are just some of the many benefits Enhanced Network Management can deliver to your retail enterprise.

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