Security & Network Solutions for the Grocery & Convenience Industry

Grocery and convenience stores face numerous threats. From theft and robbery to temperature control and internal safety breaches, each store may have different security needs due to location, employee base and customer demographics.

Solutions to protect your grocery or convenience store business

Business hours, including 24/7 operations, and proximity to freeways or main highways can make these stores easy targets for crime.

Our security solutions for grocers and convenience stores include:

Network & Cloud-based Video Surveillance

To catch shoplifters and suspicious POS transactions, or parking lot and gas pump activity.

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Environmental Monitoring

To warn of improper temperatures so that foods do not spoil.

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Intrusion & Fire Alarms

To monitor for smoke damage so food and other goods do not have to be thrown away.

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“Aisle stoppers”

or public view monitors (PVRs) in areas of high theft so people see themselves being monitored by video.


That provide the ability to see how long customers wait in line, see why customers leave, monitor staffing issues, determine conversion ratios items.

Video tours

That save time and money by allowing managers to make virtual visits to ensure standards and protocols are being met.

Managed Network Services

We do more than just protect the physical premises of your stores. We offer Managed Networks Services that can improve your overall business operations. Managing and maintaining a network environment requires time, human capital, and expense – resources that many grocery and convenience stores just don’t have.
Our Network Operations Centers deliver solutions and services customized to your business objectives. The rich deployment of applications across your grocery convenience store enterprise drives business performance, protects your assets, and improves the overall experience for your customers.
  • Identify weaknesses by conducting a thorough review of your network
  • Address challenges such as insufficient bandwidth and high infrastructure cost
  • Limit risks of data breaches through regular audits of computers, tablets and other devices
  • Meet your enterprise and guest demands for Wi-Fi availability, track who logs in and gather behavioral data
  • Update software to make it harder to penetrate your network
  • Keep your networks up and running with Wireless Network Backup
  • Utilize encryption to disguise sensitive customer data as it’s shared across networks
  • Incorporate POS monitoring that identifies cashier infractions as they happen and sends video clips and data directly to your smartphone or computer
  • Protect data by keeping with secure firewalls, routers and switches
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Enhanced Network Management

Enhanced Network Management provides in-depth analysis and maintenance of your network to better suit strategic initiatives. Enhanced standardization, bandwidth consumption, capacity planning, life-cycle management, user traffic patterns, and granular reporting are just some of the many benefits Enhanced Network Management can deliver to your grocery or convenience store enterprise.

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