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Vector Security Networks introduces GuardPoint® , a new video alarm verification system that integrates the latest CCTV surveillance cameras with a monitored alarm system to help protect your property when you are not there.

Increase Security and Decrease Costs with Video Alarm Verification

GuardPoint® is a multi-tiered solution that provides the intelligence your business needs to deter theft, discourage trespassing, minimize costly false police dispatches, and eliminate the need for a person on site to verify every triggered alarm.

National Retailer realizes 252% ROI with Video Alarm Verification


With GuardPoint® , your video cameras work with your alarm panel, and if an alarm is triggered at your business, you will receive a notification of the incident and our experienced central station operators will conduct a remote video “guard tour” on up to 16 compatible cameras to assess the situation and determine if a police dispatch is needed. And if no human activity is detected, then no action is taken, but the incident is logged. This process helps ensure the alarm is real, thereby reducing false alarms and the costly fines that can be associated with them.

GuardPoint® tours

GuardPoint® tours offers proactive live viewing of indoor and outdoor cameras. You schedule video guard tours at times and intervals that make sense for your business. Because you set the time windows of your tours, you can proactively seek and detect human activity when and where there should be none. And because your cameras are doing the work, you can save costs associated with staffing multiple guard positions. If an intruder or trespasser is detected, you will be notified. Then you can decide if you need to dispatch police.

GuardPoint® ai

GuardPoint®  ai leverages the intelligence in compatible surveillance cameras to detect and differentiate between humans and vehicles, decide if they are somewhere where they should not be, regardless of whether they are indoors or on the exterior of your property.

GuardPoint®  ai is a customized solution that can automatically detect unusual events, send notifications, discourage trespassers, and escalate to the police or property owner, making it the ideal security solution for areas like private lots, storage yards, warehouses, and loading docks.

Audio Announcement Serves as an Added Deterrent

By incorporating audio, you can add yet another deterrent to unwanted activity. When the system detects suspicious activity, a pre-recorded audio warning can be activated, or a live monitoring center professional can intervene to drive away threats.

Added Protection and Cost Savings for Your Business

The GuardPoint®  video alarm verification suite of solutions offers an additional layer of protection and saves your business money by limiting the need to staff guards and helping to reduce false alarms. In fact, many local jurisdictions and police departments increasingly are requiring some form of alarm verification to help prioritize emergency response.

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