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Cellular Data Connectivity

Whether your business uses it as your primary network, as a backup, or for temporary work sites, Cellular Data Connectivity ensures your devices remain on. And no down time means your business is always working.

Our cellular data connectivity solutions

Our Cellular Data Connectivity solutions leverage your existing wireless carrier’s high-speed 4G LTE networks, offering broadband connection speeds suitable for secure primary or backup Internet connections.

Using IP Passthrough technology, we manage the primary circuit so your operations continue to run smoothly. So, whether you are integrating into existing installations or deploying into new networks and locations, you can be assured your network will always be up and running.

A more secure option

Unlike Wi-Fi, cellular data is always encrypted, so you can be sure that your business is always operating securely and optimally. Sure, no network can be completely secure, but Cellular Data Connectivity offers the most secure option available.

Whether your business uses POS registers, IP video cameras, access control or product tracking technologies, Cellular Data Connectivity give your business the ability to protect customer data, inventory and products and your employees and customers at all times.

And when you use our Cellular Data Connectivity solutions as primary, backup or temporary networks, you won’t need to worry about a weak signal or spotty connection. Even during a power outage, if the cell towers are standing, you’ll stay connected.

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