Physical Security

Network and Cloud-based Video Surveillance

View live video and gain insights into customer and employee behavior. Automate people counting, and other functions with advanced analytics.

Our network and cloud-based video surveillance solutions

Network and cloud-based video surveillance can improve your business performance by allowing you to analyze video and review, monitor, and track key data, giving you valuable, real-time insight to customer traffic, purchase habits, staffing issues, conversion ratios, and more.

View Live Video or Recorded Clips

View live video or recorded clips of stockrooms, POS terminals, confidential data areas, customer traffic and more.

Motion-Triggered Settings

Enable motion-triggered settings and receive email or text message alerts when video is recorded. If anything is amiss, you’ll know right away.

Archived Clips

Access archived clips on a secure website to prevent tampering or accidental deletion.

Customer Traffic Data

Get data on customer traffic, purchase habits, sales patterns, safety and compliance, and other information that can improve your business operations.

Remotely Control Your Cameras

Use your computer or smartphone to remotely control your cameras.

More physical security solutions

We offer many other solutions that could fit the needs of your business

Access Control
Alarm Management & Monitoring
Energy Management
Environmental Monitoring
Intrusion & Fire Alarms
POS Exception Reporting
Video Verification
Wireless Communication

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