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Managed Secondary Services Network

Vector Security Networks offers a Managed Secondary Services Network that is completely independent of your business’s primary network and can simplify your internal IT operations. Dedicate a secondary network for a singular purpose or for multiple services. The choice is yours.

Our Managed Secondary Services Network

A Managed Secondary Services Network provides dedicated internet and support services for video surveillance, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, energy management systems, and other equipment. Operating independently of your business's primary network, a MSSN improves security, distributes bandwidth use, and simplifies access and support by third party vendors.

Our standard Managed Secondary Services Network offering provides:

Increased Security

By isolating select devices on a completely separate network, the security of the primary network increases.

Better Performance

Bandwidth consumption on a secondary network does not impact your primary network’s performance, and vice-versa.

Simplified IT Operations

Internal IT members only need to focus on primary network functions, simplifying operations and reducing workload.

Third-Party Vendor Support

Seamlessly integrate new technology with a streamlined process for approving and supporting new partners.

Advanced Network Reporting and Analysis

Receive in-depth periodic reporting on your secondary network’s performance to help guide strategic initiatives and future goals.

On-Site Installation and Configuration

A turn-key networking solution, from broadband installation through firewall and switchgear configuration and management.

High-Speed Broadband Circuit

A dedicated broadband connection delivers flexible bandwidth without impacting critical business applications. LTE and 5G backup options are also available.

Enhanced Network Management

Our NOC and support teams handle all aspects of firewall and network configuration, including patch and change management services.

Optional Features

Along with the standard services for our secondary networks offering, Vector Security Networks provides optional features that you could add-on at your discretion.
Our standard Managed Secondary Services Network offering provides:

5G Cellular Failover

Receive failover coverage if there’s lapses in Internet connectivity or a complete loss of connection.

Wired Network Expansion

We can handle the cabling for any additional switches you add to your network.

Physical Security Endpoint Software Maintenance

Receive continual firmware and software updates on any Vector Security Networks’ physical security equipment connected to your primary or secondary network.

More network services

We offer many other network services that could fit the needs of your business.

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