Physical Security

National Service Center

Our National Service Center is a single point of contact and dispatch for installation, project management, service and maintenance for all our multi-site business customers, allowing our experts to react quickly to all your security needs.

Our National Service Center

Our highly-trained staff is able to resolve about 80% of issues without the need to dispatch a service technician, which means you benefit from cost savings. But, if you should need on-site service, our technicians respond and complete the job in an average of 2.5 days.

Our technicians can often repair your security equipment on-site to avoid the time and costs of having to send the equipment back to the manufacturer, greatly reducing expense to you. In addition, we test new equipment and technologies to ensure your business is using the latest advances in security applications and protocols.

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We offer many other services that could fit the needs of your business

Compliance & Permit Programs
Inspection and Testing
One Source Billing
Project Design & Management
Redundant Central Monitoring Stations
Standard and Emergency Service
Technology Upgrades and Rollouts

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