Physical Security

Access Control

Control who can access particular areas of your business while gaining data that can be useful to your operations. From keyless and telephone entry systems to smart cards and biometrics, we offer single-door access control solutions as well as network-based and multi-user, multi-site systems.

Our access control solutions

Access control not only eliminates the need for keys, it gives you added protection and insight into your business. Control who has access to specific locations with customized credentials and keep track of who comes and goes for attendance and visitor tracking.

Swipe Readers

Just as it sounds, swipe a card or fob in front of the reader and gain access to the areas you need. Program unique credentials for each user.

Proximity Readers

Proximity readers are cards or fobs that when detected by a reader, allow entry into certain areas of your business.

Biometric Readers

Enable entry based on an individual’s physical attributes, such as facial recognition, fingerprints, hand geometry, retinal scans or voice recognition.

Combination Technology Readers

Combination technology readers combine keypad/card-reading technology and are designed for higher security installations where a dual method of identification is required.

Access Cards

Replace keys with access cards that grant access with a wave in front of a reader. Gain insights on who comes and goes for your record keeping.

Photo Identification Systems

Photo identification provides visual confirmation of the person seeking to access your business.

Turnstile Readers

Turnstile readers grant access when a card or fob with the correct credentials is present and are helpful for people counting.

Video Analytics Interface

Combine access control technology with video analytics. Record areas only when accessed or when an access event is triggered to get visual confirmation of exit and entry traffic.

Basic Intercom Systems

Like two-way voice, users can communicate back and forth using a basic intercom system. Visitors or employees can be granted access once audio verification takes place.

Access control also helps improve operating efficiency and security

Eliminate Keys

No need replace lost keys or to re-key due to employee turnover.

Time Features

Knowing when employees clock in and out helps manage coverage and payroll. 

Video Integration

Add video to ensure only authorized personnel are in secure/sensitive areas.

Custom Credentials

Create custom credentials for employees and vendors.

More physical security solutions

We offer many other solutions that could fit the needs of your business

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