Physical Security

Video Verification

Video Verification works with your intrusion alarm system 24/7 to validate human vs. non-human threats onsite.

Video verification benefits

With video verification, your business benefits from:

Reduced False Alarms

Experienced operators review camera footage to validate the alarm.

Improved Police Response Times

Help is dispatched quickly to your site following alarm verification.

Minimized Property Loss

Faster dispatches means less time for intruders to steal or damage your property and inventory.

Increase Apprehension Rates

Real-time data provided to law enforcement assists in apprehension.

How does it work?

When an intrusion alarm is triggered and no action is taken by you or your employees to open, cancel or reset the alarm, a signal is sent to our award-winning central station. One of our experienced central station operators will view specific camera footage to isolate and evaluate the alarm event.

If the operator determines that the alarm was triggered by human activity – a person onsite, an open door, broken glass, or vehicle movement – then they will call to attempt to verify the event. If there is no contact made, or no passcode provided, police are dispatched.

And if no human activity is detected, then no action is taken, but the incident is logged.

This process helps ensure the alarm is real, thereby reducing false alarms and the costly fines that can be associated with them.

Added protection and cost savings for your business.

False alarms are a common concern for emergency responders. They cost money and unnecessarily use valuable resources. As a result, many local ordinances impose fines for false alarm dispatches.

Video Verification offers an additional layer of protection for all of your sites and saves your business money by reducing false alarms.

Video Verification costs less than or is priced comparably to runner services, but offers additional benefits like reduced false alarms, improved police response times, minimized property loss, and increased apprehension rates.

It's easy to get started.

Video Verification may work with the cameras you already have installed to help your business to better manage false alarms and benefit from faster police response times to actual intrusion events. Our Video Verification currently works with the following models:

  • Exacq

  • Axis

  • Open Eye

  • Eagle Eye

  • CheckVideo

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