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POS Exception Reporting

Employee theft is a leading contributor of shrinkage for many retailers. And it occurs most often at the point-of-sale.

Our POS exception reporting solutions

"Shrink" is one of the biggest threats to retail’s bottom line. But it’s not just shoplifting and organized retail crime. Employee theft is one of the leading contributors of total shrinkage from U.S. retailers. In fact, more than $45 million was recovered from employee apprehensions in 2019. Even when employee theft is not the issue, untrained or unsupervised employees might be doing things incorrectly, which can impact shrinkage, inventory and auditing systems.

Integrate POS and Video

An integrated POS and video solution uses existing cameras in your store location to work with a business intelligence tool to capture and analyze POS exceptions.

Stop Shrink Where it Starts

Our intelligent POS solution spots and analyzes cashier infractions by transmitting video clips and point-of-sale data based on the exceptions you specify.

Prevent Theft and Improve Confidence

By combining video with data generated from exceptions you define, your business can reduce losses at the register and better train managers and frontline staff on best practices.

POS exception reporting can help you zone in on high-risk POS activity

POS data analytics helps reduce employee theft and operational errors that contribute to shrink, monitor and operational inefficiencies, and improve visibility to outliers.


Stop receipt, quick-cash, accounting, and other refund scams and implement new processes based on real-life data. 

Voided Transactions

Make sure that the customer’s money at the point of sale makes it into the register and not “voided” into the cashier’s pocket.

Sales Processing

Spot when the barcode scanned doesn’t match the product being purchased and know if it’s customer or employee theft.

Gift & Pre-Paid Credit Cards

Know when employees add funds to a gift card or a pre-paid credit card in a cash transaction and then void the transaction.

Low-Cost Transactions

Know when an employee under-rings or sweethearts an item for far less than its retail value.

False Returns

Ensure that goods are actually being returned and that the money is being returned to the customer.

No Sales

Use video and register data to align no sales register actions with customer and employee behaviors.

Lengthy Transactions

Identify potentially suspicious activities such as coping, voids and cancels during lengthy transactions. 

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