Physical Security

Standard and Emergency Service

Because some issues are more urgent than others, we offer the flexibility of standard rate and emergency rate services, as well as testing and preventative maintenance inspection programs for alarm and video systems.

Always there for you

You know your business better than anyone. So when service is needed, you know what needs to be fixed right away and what can wait. We understand you want to get back to business with minimal disruption. That's why we offer the option of emergency services for your intrusion, fire, access control, video and EAS systems. When you choose this option, service is dispatched usually within 24 hours. And if you decide service can wait, choose our standard emergency response option. You decide what service level is best for you and within your budget, and we'll be there to address your needs.

More physical security services

We offer many other services that could fit the needs of your business

Compliance & Permit Programs
Inspection and Testing
National Service Center
One Source Billing
Project Design & Management
Redundant Central Monitoring Stations
Technology Upgrades and Rollouts

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