Security & Network Solutions for the Restaurants & QSR Industry

Your employees are surrounded by hot, cold, sharp, and slippery objects on a daily basis. A typically younger workforce, early openings, late closings, and back door violations can create the perfect storm for robbery or injury.

Solutions to protect your Restaurant & QSR business

Whether you run a full-service restaurant or a quick serve restaurant (QSR), we know safety is a top priority.

Access Control

Control and monitor access to freezers and refrigerators. If a unit is left open you’ll know about it quickly. Get video clips of events triggered by specific access credentials.

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Environmental Monitoring

Monitor temperatures in your freezer to prevent loss. Be alerted if temperatures are not optimal. Install panic buttons inside the freezer in the event someone is trapped.

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Intrusion and Fire Alarms

Manual pull stations trigger audible and visual cues that a fire is occurring. Get open and close reports, and be alerted to exceptions

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Network & Cloud-based Video Surveillance

Get clips sent to your mobile device; receive text alerts and video clips of an incident, like a slip and fall. Use data as a teaching tool to prevent and correct infractions before they can do real harm.

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Managed Network Services

Now more than ever, customers rely on technology to interact with restaurants. Ordering take-out and delivery, scheduling curbside pick-up, checking in, setting reservations, selecting a table, ordering a meal, and point-of sale transactions can all be done on a tablet or mobile device. To make sure you are meeting your customers’ needs, you need a reliable network.
Managing and maintaining a network environment requires time, human capital, and expense – resources that many automotive enterprises just don’t have. Our scalable and customizable managed broadband solutions allow for deployment of applications that your restaurant relies on to drive business performance, protect your assets, and improve the overall dining experience for your customer.
  • Identify weaknesses by conducting a thorough review of your network
  • Address challenges such as insufficient bandwidth and high infrastructure cost
  • Limit risks of data breaches through regular audits of computers, tablets and other devices
  • Meet your enterprise and guest demands for Wi-Fi availability, track who logs in and gather behavioral data
  • Update software to make it harder to penetrate your network
  • Keep your networks up and running with Wireless Network Backup
  • Protect data by keeping with secure firewalls, routers and switches
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Enhanced Network Management

Enhanced Network Management provides in-depth analysis and maintenance of your network to better suit strategic initiatives. Enhanced standardization, bandwidth con­sumption, capacity planning, life-cycle management, user traffic patterns, and granular reporting are just some of the many benefits Enhanced Network Management can deliver to your enterprise.

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