Physical Security

Environmental Monitoring

Threats to your business go beyond theft and fire. Water pipe bursts and flooding can destroy property, equipment and inventory. Carbon monoxide can pose health hazards.

Our environmental monitoring solutions

Environmental hazard monitoring solutions are designed to detect these threats, warning you quickly so damage can be limited or prevented.

Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, breakrooms and other areas where water pipes are present to alert of potential pipe bursts.

Water leak sensors

Water leak sensors detect accumulation of water caused by cracked or broken water pipes, loose pipe connections, inadequate drainage or flooding.

Carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors warn of toxic levels so occupants can quickly evacuate.

More physical security solutions

We offer many other solutions that could fit the needs of your business

Access Control
Alarm Management & Monitoring
Energy Management
Intrusion & Fire Alarms
Network & Cloud Based Video Surveillance
POS Exception Reporting
Video Verification
Wireless Communication

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