Security & Network Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Your objective – to create a secure, safe, connected and welcoming environment. We ensure your physical security and managed network solutions address your ever-changing healthcare business and environment, now and into the future.

We design, install, commission and monitor security and network solutions for all types of healthcare facilities.


Urgent Care Centers

Walk-in clinics offering outpatient care to treat acute and chronic illness and injury that are not serious enough to require an ER visit.

Diagnostic & Treatment Centers

Free-standing clinics that provide specialized services, such as surgery, dialysis, or general outpatient primary care.

Medical Services Facilities

Specialized medical research facilities, prescription drug reprocessing sites, and other unique healthcare-related services.

Hospitals & Healthcare Systems

Health care institutions that provide in-patient, outpatient and ER treatments with specialized medical personnel and equipment.

Primary Care Offices

The doctor's office that most people turn to first for treatment of common illnesses as well as monitoring of day-to-day health.

Senior Care Communities

Senior Care Communities offer independent living, assisted living, and nursing home care accommodations for older adults.

Solutions to protect your healthcare facility

From video to access to location to wellness, we have the right solutions for you.

Access Control

Eliminates the need for keys and manages entry to critical areas like operating rooms, medicine closets, patient records files; enable visitor management to identify and control the flow of your visitors.

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Intrusion & Fire Alarms

Alarm services provide 24/7 fire and security monitoring of sensitive ar­eas, wards off intruders and alerts emergency responders.

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Network & Cloud-based Video Surveillance

Deters crime, monitors and archives security events, ensures policy compliance and helps improve efficiency. Get on-demand views of drug storage areas, records rooms and server areas.

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Location Based Solutions

Leverage business intelligence, patient / resident identification and location, staff safety and clinical efficiency.

Wellness and Connected Living Solutions

Create healthy living, care analytics and connected solutions to monitor and support those who matter most, family.

Managed Network Services

Healthcare facilities are a virtual goldmine for hackers. Health records, payment information and other protected health information are key targets. Breach of data comes at a great cost to healthcare facilities, not just monetarily from fines, but also from a brand reputation perspective.
The right managed network provides additional layers of security to help protect against potential threats. Our solutions include high-performance broadband, secure/guest Wi-Fi, VPNs for corporate and vendor access, IoT and BYOD segmentation. We also provide SD-WAN as well as network resiliency and redundancy solutions to address all of your security, regulatory and compliance issues.
Benefit from:
  • High-performance broadband and SD-WAN
  • VPNs for Corporate & Vendor Access
  • Improved Performance of Cloud Services
  • Segmented Networks for IoT/BYOD
  • Network Resiliency/Redundancy
  • Guest Wi-Fi/Secure Wi-Fi
Breaches of healthcare data comes at a great cost to facilities.
Vector Security Networks Healthcare Facility Assessment

The right solutions no matter the facility.

In working with you, we take into account your location, the number of facilities, patient, clinician and staff needs, supporting your security management plan to create a secure, safe, connected and welcoming environment.

Clinic / Lab / Specialty Facilities

We have security and managed network solutions for small to medium-sized walk-in clinics, labs and specialty service centers.

Urgent Care / Freestanding ER

Things move quickly in urgent care centers and emergency rooms. We understand the precautions needed to protect patients, employees and visitors, so your clinicians can focus on caring for and treating patients.


Hospitals face a range of security challenges from visitor management and theft to compliance and information security. Our experts create physical security solutions that run on the right network to maximize safety and protection.

Senior Care Facilities and Communities

Wellness, video, access control and monitored alarms protect patients, residents, visitors and staff at long and short-term care facilities, including assisted living, nursing homes and progressive care centers.

Use Cases & Resources for the Healthcare Industry

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Integrated Physical Security
and Managed Network Solutions

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