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A national retail chain with more than 400 sites across the U.S. noticed a developing trend of false alarms that resulted in excessive police and guard service dispatches in a growing number of their stores.

When they looked deeper into the problem, they found that only one percent of triggered alarms were actual issues that required any dispatch. They were paying an extraordinary sum for employee errors, construction-related triggers, and improper system testing, not to mention the quality-of-life impact of visiting sites at all hours of the night to continually confirm false alarms.

They needed a solution immediately. They needed GuardPoint®.

What is GuardPoint®?

GuardPoint® is a state-of-the-art video alarm verification solution that syncs your intrusion alarm system with HD video cameras to detect humans and vehicles onsite or in your facilities, differentiate between them, and determine whether that person or vehicle should be on premise at all.

If GuardPoint® detects such activity, an alert is sent to your phone and a signal is sent to our award-winning monitoring center, where one of our experienced operators gains access to specific cameras to evaluate the event and take appropriate action.

60-Day Trial at 5 Sites

The national retailer agreed to test GuardPoint® for 60 days at five of the 225 sites that already had a compatible video surveillance system installed. These sites experienced 75 triggered alarms, but only two incidents involved human activity.

With GuardPoint®, no dispatches were required, and the company saved $16,650 in that time.

An Extraordinary Return on Investment

In the previous calendar year, those 225 sites incurred total costs of $303,300 for false alarm fines and guard response.

If the retailer used GuardPoint® at just those sites, the company would have saved more than $220,000, a >250% ROI.

In order to deter unwanted activity, audio announcements can be activated. By utilizing GuardPoint®, you can significantly reduce false alarms and save your business money. Unified video alarm verification is not just about security; it’s a requirement in some local jurisdictions for prioritizing emergency response.

What GuardPoint® Can Bring to Your Business

GuardPoint® from Vector Security Networks is only one example of how our intelligent AI video solutions can improve security as well as operational efficiencies for our customers. Whether it’s a retail store, distribution center or warehouse, our ability to effectively detect people and vehicles allows us to not only deliver security alerts/notifications and complete verified responses for incidents, but to use that same data to provide valuable business insights.

What will your ROI look like? Secure your business with Vector Security Networks’ GuardPoint® today! Contact us to learn more.