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Conversations with prospective customers start for many reasons. Sometimes they are needs driven and immediate. Other times, it’s just a process of getting to know each other without a definitive solution in mind. When we began conversations with a large Midwest wine, spirits and beer store, we were just checking in to see if their pain points were being addressed.

This conversation continued for about a year before one of our account managers uncovered a concern about the quality of their existing analog video systems. After numerous discussions and several demonstrations, the retailer began to see Vector Security Networks as more of a solutions partner and not just an equipment provider like their current vendor.

After identifying the concern about their video system, we began to retrofit their 40 plus stores with new IP video systems and install the system in their new stores as they were being built.

And these weren’t off-the-shelf IP systems. Our engineers designed custom systems integrating multiple brand cameras that met the retailer’s goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.

“Oftentimes we get pigeonholed into only providing a single brand of camera,” our lead engineer said. “But their team knew what they wanted to accomplish and were open to adopting the best solution.”