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Vector Security Networks has provided solutions for many different markets over the years, but we would be hard-pressed to state that we ever actively targeted the insulation market. But they knew where to turn when they needed a partner to help their theft problem.

The new loss prevention director for a national construction contractor had barely let the ink dry on his business cards before he was on the phone with someone he trusted, Vector Security Networks.  Having worked with us in his previous position, he knew our team could solve the challenge his new company faced.

The construction contractor was in a growth mode with more than 40 warehouse locations across 15 states, and four to 10 more acquisitions in negotiations at the time. Their immediate challenge was not, however, related to customer theft, but was the result of their own installers removing more product from the warehouses than the jobs require, and then using the stolen product for weekend side jobs.

Our Field Services team surveyed six of their locations, and from those surveys, identified an appropriate cloud-based video platform. Our System Design Specialist customized the solution to meet their current needs and to be scalable across the system. In addition, we installed new alarm systems and took over monitoring all six warehouse locations.