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AI, you’ve heard it. You’ve probably seen it in action. But you might still be wondering how it could improve your business. For supply chain leaders, there’s a new piece of AI technology that integrates with modern security cameras and can streamline your distribution process, allowing you to intelligently monitor key components coming into and out of your warehouses while also improving safety. Below are a few ways AI could improve your supply chain operations.

Comprehensive Asset Management

Depending on the size of your warehouses and operations, you could have over 100 commercial vehicles coming in and out of your facilities each day. There are a lot of variables and data that could be collected during these transfers and be utilized to optimize supply chain accuracy and efficiency.

An advanced AI video surveillance system can capture key data elements in seconds and provide real-time analysis to alert managers of any discrepancies, errors, etc. These data points include everything from:

  • Truck Data: Truck and License Plate Numbers
  • Trailer Data: Vehicle Type, Trailer Number, Safety Sticker Information, Logo and Branding Information
  • Container Data: Container Number, Chassis Number, Logo and Branding Information
  • Additional Data Elements: US Dot and CA Numbers

Additionally, AI can detect any physical damage located on the vehicle, trailer, or containers during the scanning process. All the information is collected and uploaded to an online dashboard where users can access the information and ensure everything aligns and address any issues promptly as they arise.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

You can utilize AI to optimize the loading and unloading process for drivers once they enter your facilities. AI integrated cameras can track vehicles in real-time and show the availability of parking spots within the loading dock, helping keep delivery times to a minimum and mitigate any driver confusion while on-site.

Likewise, AI can track individual pallets as they’re being offloaded and distributed throughout your warehouse. You’ll know exactly when products have been offloaded, where they’re stored, and what time they arrived at their storing location. Conversely, you can closely monitor these parcels when they’re being gathered for shipment, ensuing you don’t lose track of your products during the loading process as well.

By harnessing AI technology, you can seamlessly integrate various aspects of your logistics operations. Coupled with a sophisticated level of insight, you gain full visibility into the movement and storage of products, enabling efficient inventory management and timely response to operational needs.

Improved Operational Safety

When it comes to warehouse safety, AI can also provide insights on how to mitigate risk and respond to incidents quickly. One area AI shines is early smoke detection. Through real-time analysis, AI detection software can swiftly identify anomalies related to smoke or fire, triggering immediate alerts to warehouse personnel and emergency responders if necessary.

Another safety area AI excels at is creating heat maps based on the movements of employees and equipment, identifying high congestion and high-risk areas, and sending alerts quickly if an accident occurs.

These insights enable warehouse managers to implement targeted interventions, such as reconfiguring layout designs or optimizing traffic flow, to mitigate risks and enhance overall safety standards. Warehouses can proactively address safety concerns, fostering a secure working environment for employees while minimizing operational disruptions.

Get the Most from an Integrated AI Security System

To maximize the benefits of an integrated AI solution, partnering with a trustworthy supply chain security provider is essential. At Vector Security Networks, we have the tools and expertise to deliver top-notch security solutions integrated with the latest AI technology to help keep your distribution centers operating efficiency and safely.

Feel free to visit our supply chain webpage for more information on how we can help your supply chain operations or contact us, so we can learn more about what makes your business unique.