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Warehouse automation has quickly grown from an emerging trend to a competitive necessity. By implementing digital and physical automation solutions in warehouses, supply chain leaders can minimize labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks in their facilities, allowing their teams to focus on duties that drive greater value.

However, even the most robust warehouse automation solutions often don’t consider the security of people and products in the facilities they automate.

Security automation gives supply chain leaders greater control over the security of their facilities, protecting not only their people and products but their entire business operations. Below we discuss the basics of security automation, its benefits, and what supply chain leaders can do to get the most out of it.

What is Security Automation?

Security automation uses the latest technology to automate essential security tasks, including alarm management, video surveillance, access control, environmental monitoring, and even network security and stability. When deployed in a warehouse, 3PL or similar facility, a security automation solution should help mitigate risk to people and product, and it should be able to seamlessly integrate with a business’s existing security equipment.

The Benefits of Security Automation

There are key benefits to security automation for supply chain leaders. These include:

  • Greater Control: Whether it’s for one site, multiple locations or an entire supply chain network, business leaders can connect all their security devices onto one unified platform, allowing for much greater visibility into your security and network operations.
  • Simplified Operations: The time of your IT teams and security personnel is valuable. Security automation can save your employees time by automating specific tasks, including video notifications inside and outside your facilities, establishing permissions to access designated areas, and temperature regulation for sensitive inventory. By freeing up your employees’ time, they can focus their efforts on issues more critical to your business and its growth.
  • Immediate Detection and Remediation: Waiting until the end of the month or the end of the quarter to know the impact of inventory shrink or product damage is not ideal. Security automation provides immediate insight into employee theft and inventory damage, so you can correct any problem before the costs start multiplying.
  • Cost Saving Solution: There are long-term ROI benefits with security automation. For instance, you can save on labor costs for on-site security personnel. Additionally, key metrics and security reporting from the unified dashboard can show you areas where you excel and where you need improvement.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Security Solution

Automation is already a game changer in the security industry and will only become more sophisticated as technologies advance. Supply chain leaders have a great opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors by integrating the tools necessary to mitigate security risks.

To get the most out of your physical and network security solutions, partner with industry experts. At Vector Security Networks, we have an extensive track record integrating security solutions for supply chain leaders, as well as other industries. If you would like to learn more about Vector Security Networks and our supply chain security and networks solutions, feel free to visit our supply chain page or contact us today.