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Did You Know - Physical Security

There’s a way to actively monitor fire extinguishers to ensure they aren’t tampered with.

By April 1, 2022July 8th, 2022No Comments

Fire extinguishers are a fundamental fire safety product for businesses. Commercial fires result in hundreds of millions of dollars in damages each year, making fire extinguishers an incredibly useful and cost-effective solution.

Although an essential safety tool, inspections are rarely ever conducted on fire extinguishers, which could leave many businesses at risk. But there’s an effective solution to ensure a fire extinguisher is there whenever a business needs it.

With fire extinguisher monitoring, businesses can install a wireless monitoring device that can immediately notify team members whenever a fire extinguisher is removed for a fire emergency, knocked out of position, tampered with, or stolen.

In a time of emergency, the last thing a business needs is a lost fire extinguisher. Fire extinguisher monitoring is a proactive approach to fire safety, which can better protect employees, guests, and property, and also prevent individuals from tampering or stealing fire extinguishers.

Take the uncertainty out of the equation by ensuring all on-site extinguishers are ready for action with fire extinguisher monitoring.