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Did You Know - Managed Network Services

There’s a better way for businesses to manage their Wi-Fi network.

By April 15, 2022July 8th, 2022No Comments

Wi-Fi is the cornerstone of every modern business. Network performance and reliability have a hand in virtually every aspect of a business’s operations. And the need for better Wi-Fi networks is only going to grow in the future.

There are a lot of variables that go into an optimized Wi-Fi network. To meet the ever-increasing need for a reliable network, many businesses are relying on third-party experts to manage their Wi-Fi network for them.

Managed Wi-Fi from Vector Security Networks® can handle all aspects of a business’s Wi-Fi network, including:

·       design,
·       installation,
·       maintenance,
·       monitoring, and

·       upgrades

With our Wi-Fi solutions, your business can provide secure wireless connectivity for equipment, mobile user device support, and open access for guests.

And because they are accessing your Wi-Fi through a custom-branded captive portal, you’ll know who your customers are, where they go online, and be better positioned to keep your products and services in front of them.

We deploy our future-proof Wi-Fi solutions quickly and without the need to consume your internal IT resources. So, when your customers and employees access Wi-Fi, your business will not only get increased visibility into their actions, but you’ll also have the tools to efficiently and effectively manage their access, allowing your IT department to keep their focus on other critical business operations.