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National Support and On-Site Liaison Capability Lead Fortune 500 Bank to Choose Vector Security Networks

A large, regional banking customer of Vector Security Networks, the physical security and managed network services division of Vector Security, Inc., runs its security from an internal state-of-the-art operations center that fuses IT, along with network and physical security, into one situation room. This structure quite possibly makes this customer a leader in security among banks its size.

But it didn’t always used to be this way. Just a few years ago, this Fortune 500 bank handled its alarm monitoring in-house while facing issues around inadequate staffing, lack of expertise, antiquated equipment and outdated software. Additionally, a significant investment was needed to bring its monitoring center up to UL-certification requirements needed for proper permitting.

The bank felt these issues together could lead to catastrophic failure of its security operations.

That’s when leadership began to look at outsourcing alarm monitoring functions. Several companies were invited to the bidding process, including Vector Security Networks. Comparing outsourcing costs against the investment that would be needed to bring the bank’s security up to date, the team rated each vendor on areas such as monitoring, reporting, implementation, false alarm prevention and account management.

While Vector Security Networks scored strong marks against its competitors, what ultimately sealed the deal was its national-level support, and ability to offer a full-time, on-site security liaison to provide security briefs and facilitate continuing improvements at the bank.

“On-site liaisons are a unique value that Vector Security Networks provides to a number of our multi-site customers. They work out of a customer’s location to analyze security data and operations. This process helps identify vulnerabilities in an effort to continually improve security practices for the customer,” said Vector Security Networks National Account Manager Rich Raney.

Today, Vector Security Networks monitors intrusion alarms for the bank’s hundreds of branches across seven states, and is now transitioning to monitoring fire alarms as well. With Vector Security Networks by its side, the customer is able to focus on other projects like further pioneering its operations center.

Armed with renewed morale, improved security capabilities and realized cost savings, the bank’s team feels poised to better synergize fraud, cyber and physical security for the benefit of the organization and its customers.

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