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Did You Know - Managed Network Services

Networks are being challenged in the New Normal

By March 3, 2021May 17th, 2021No Comments
Networks are being challenged in the new normal, raising some crucial operational questions.
  • Can my employees get a POS connection at curbside and pickup locations?¬†
  • Do I have the bandwidth for more online and remote services?
  • How can I get remote workers connected while staying secure?¬†
There are solutions that can answer these questions.
Curbside Connection
Working in the new normal means working in areas we may not have utilized in the past, leaving dead spots for connection. Adding outdoor wireless access points near a curbside pickup location can ensure your employees will continue to be connected.
Online Demand
More connected devices and more cloud services are driving the demand for bandwidth. A managed network expert may be needed to support this increase and regulate various demand sources. Also, having a cost-effective backup connection is essential to protect businesses from primary connection failure or for load balancing when demand spikes. Using a simple 4G connection will keep the business running.
Remote Teams
Keeping the new surge of remote employees online is critical for any business, and keeping those connections secure is just as important. Using tools like Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are essential for remote employees to safely connect to business resources they need to be successful.