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Choosing the right security integrator is a critical decision for warehouse owners and operators. As your business grows, so does the complexity of your security solutions. This article outlines the key questions to ask when selecting a security integrator.

Do You Have a Dedicated Warehouse Security Team?

Because warehouses and distribution centers present security concerns that are different from retail storefronts and other businesses, the security solutions for each are not interchangeable. But many security integrators haven’t received that message. This is why partnering with a security integrator that has a local presence, national reach and a dedicated supply chain team is a must.

A partnership with a dedicated, experienced warehouse security team helps ensure the unique risks and challenges of protecting people and inventory in your warehouses and distribution centers are addressed. The team should ask the right questions, listen to your needs, and design and implement a comprehensive security strategy using the latest technology innovations to address potential vulnerabilities that matter to your business.

Are Your Security Solutions Customizable and Scalable?

Security solutions should not be – and, simply, are not – one-size-fits-all. Every warehouse has different needs depending on its size, location, the nature of goods stored, and other important factors. Therefore, it’s crucial to work with a security integrator who can provide customized solutions that meet your specific needs.

Looking forward, as your business grows, your security needs will also evolve. A security integrator who is a true partner will offer scalable solutions that adapt to changes in your operations. Leveraging the latest innovations enhances your security and maximizes your operating efficiencies even as your business expands.

What’s New?

In today’s competitive supply chain industry, relying solely on traditional security measures is not enough. Cameras watching the floor and card readers at the door are a good start, but do you know what’s happening on the forklifts? Are you monitoring what’s happening inside every docked trailer? Are your exterior cameras helping to improve the flow of traffic in and out of your warehouse properties?  Do your cameras use artificial intelligence to conduct virtual guard tours to reduce costs of having around-the-clock staff? Are you utilizing automation in a way to increase warehouse safety?

Your security partner should be ready to talk about innovations like these and more, as well as provide an actionable plan to integrates these solutions holistically and effectively.

Can You Service My Security System?

Many security integrators only install standard security solutions but lack the capacity to effectively service the equipment when needed. Working with a national security integrator with local installation and service capabilities ensures your facilities remain protected and mitigates downtime on the equipment you rely on every day.

Additionally, while a security integrator with a local presence understands the unique security challenges in your area, one having national capabilities ensures you receive consistent services across all your locations if you operate in multiple U.S. regions. Whether you operate at one location or 100, a national provider can meet your security demands at scale and provide reliable and efficient local service, too.

Can You Work with Our Existing Devices?

From cameras to access control devices to environmental monitoring solutions, your business has likely spent a significant amount on your current warehouse security. A reliable security integrator should be able and willing to work with much of the equipment you have, offering upgrades only when a technology innovation makes sense for your business.

By integrating new security measures with existing equipment, an expert security consultant helps your facilities benefit from reduced redundancies and improved operational efficiencies.

Do You Offer Network Services?

Like most modern technologies, security equipment is only as good as the networks they run on. If your network is down, your security is gone. Unfortunately, very few security integrators – locally or nationally – offer network services and security solutions under one roof.

If you do find an integrator that offers both, ask them about some of their network offerings. Do they offer redundancies that ensure your security never goes down? Can they manage your network, so you don’t have to? Can they work with any cellular provider or product vendor?

How Much Experience Do You Have in Protecting Warehouses? 

Working with an experienced security integrator means you get reliable and innovative security solutions tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, a seasoned security integrator provides personalized attention, understands the unique security demands of warehouses, and can provide solutions to address these demands effectively, even as your business grows.

Selecting the right security integrator is a critical decision that can significantly impact the security of your warehouse. By asking yourself the questions above, you can make an informed decision when identifying a security partner that can help create a blueprint for your continued success.

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