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During these uncertain times following the Coronavirus outbreak, businesses must act to keep employees healthy—but they must also continue to maintain security of critical data. Especially when employees may be working remotely, network maintenance remains a very important park of keeping operations running as smoothly as possible. And proper management may require a network security specialist onsite.

At Vector Security, the health and safety of our employees and customers are our top priority, which is why we’ve implemented a number of safety measures to preserve everyone’s well-being while ensuring optimal network performance.

Keeping Employees Safe in the COVID Era

To ensure our employees feel safe at work and prevent the spread of the virus in the COVID era, we implemented the following best practices:

  • Banned travel. All non-essential work travel has been paused for Vector Security employees.
  • Work from home. All employees that choose to travel personally either internationally, on cruise ships or to domestic areas with significant spread are required to work from home for 14 days following their date of return.
  • Daily temperature checks. Before being admitted into the building or visiting clients, all employees must take their own temperature either at home or in the lobby. If an employee’s temperature is 4° or higher, they are required to stay home and inform their manager immediately.
  • Health and sanitary guidelines. Employees are encouraged to follow the CDC’s prevention guidelines including washing hands often, avoiding close contact, wearing face coverings, disinfecting work areas and reporting flu-like symptoms immediately.
  • Prohibited visitors. All visitors are prohibited from entering Vector Security buildings. All food and mail delivery are required to be picked up outside or in the lobby.
  • Updated resources. An internal resource is available to keep employees knowledgeable on COVID-19 updates and support.

With the knowledge that we’re keeping all employees safe and healthy, you can rest assured that when a Vector Security technician shows up for a service call at your business, they’re following these important guidelines.

What to Expect During a COVID-Era Service Call

As businesses take steps to ensure the safety of their employees, Vector Security is committed to adhering to those guidelines. When performing a service call to install, service or maintain network equipment, you can expect the following precautions from Vector Security employees:

  • Assess the risk of exposure. Upon arrival, all technicians will ask about the health of employees. If someone has flu-like symptoms, a rescheduled appointment may be necessary to avoid exposure.
  • Follow COVID policies. Please provide a copy of your business’ pandemic policy to our technicians before arrival so they can ensure all company-specific guidelines are being followed.
  • Wear protective coverings. Technicians are required to wear face coverings and gloves to prevent spreading germs.
  • Social distance. Technicians will maintain a social distance of at least six feet when visiting a business and refrain from shaking hands. In anticipation of a service visit, please clear a path or workspace for our technicians.
  • Disinfect tools. Any and all tools customers may come in contact with such as iPads will be sanitized on an ongoing basis prior to and during a facility visit.
  • Virtual consultations. When possible, businesses may schedule a virtual consultation with our security team.

If you have any questions or concerns about Vector Security Network service visits, please contact our security team here.