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Video Analytics has dramatically improved the capabilities and value of a typical surveillance system

By August 27, 2020January 28th, 2021No Comments
Years ago, we would depend on a person to watch hours of live video, on several monitors, just to look for suspicious incidents. Today, video analytics can automatically analyze that same video and identify those “out of the ordinary” and “ordinary” issues for easy video retrieval and review.
Ordinary Issues?
Yes, I said “ordinary” issues!  Why not use your surveillance system to help improve your business? Analytics can provide people counting, dwell time, queue line management, traffic direction, and “heat mapping,” all of which help you improve efficiency and market the right products to the right customers.
Other analytics, such as perimeter detection, vehicle type and color, loitering, and object type (person or animal), just to name a few, identify the “out of the ordinary” issues to protect your business or property.
Deliverable from Many Sources
Video analytics can be delivered from individual IP cameras, video recorders, dedicated analytic servers, or from cloud analytic providers. Any of these platforms could help your company implement video analytics to improve your operational efficiencies.