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Did You Know - Physical Security

There’s a new way to quickly detect unapproved objects from entering or exiting facilities.

By March 3, 2022July 8th, 2022No Comments

Most businesses have to deal with the threats of internal theft and workplace safety. Loss of inventory can have significant implications on the bottom line, let alone the costs associated with a single workplace safety incident. Metal detectors, wands, and guards can help with the issue. But what if there was a more effective way to reduce theft, and improve safety?

Next-generation people screening technology can quickly detect metallic and non-metallic items concealed under clothing. It is a fast, safe, and respectful security solution, with the screening process done at a distance of 10 ft.

Passive screening technology creates a thermal image from a person’s body heat. Objects concealed underneath clothing block the thermal image, showing the size, shape, and location of the item.

People screening is completely safe for everyone, even pregnant women or those with medical implants. It does not reveal any anatomical detail, gender, age, ethnicity, etc. And with a screening distance of 10 ft, it’s a non-invasive security screening solution.

With people-screening technology, businesses can reduce the need for wand screening and physical pat-downs, mitigate privacy claims, and quickly deliver an ROI. A people screening solution is security that pays for itself!