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Did You Know - Physical Security

The most important line of defense for a network starts at the perimeter.

By January 6, 2022February 17th, 2022No Comments

With the increased interconnectivity of many modern businesses, hundreds, if not thousands, of devices could be connected to a network at any given time. However, with more devices on a network, there is a greater chance of a cyber breach.

Perimeter security provides the all-important first line of defense for business networks. It can proactively detect cybersecurity threats, conduct surveillance, and analyze malicious attack patterns.

On a secured network, authorized users can freely send and exchange sensitive information, while the perimeter automatically flags potentially malicious content and highlights information coming from external users.

For digital business practices, “trust but verify” is no longer an applicable cyber security measure alone. There must be an additional security filter at the perimeter that does the verifying to mitigate the risk.

By proactively securing the perimeter, businesses can minimize the amount of malicious content that makes its way to authorized users or past network security protocols. Strong perimeter security better protects both the business and employees from external threats.