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Did You Know - Managed Network Services

Network service providers can survey a business’s network without ever stepping into their facility.

By December 23, 2021February 17th, 2022No Comments

Yes, it’s true. Virtual site surveys reduce the need for traditional on-site visitation while achieving the same results. A virtual site survey can give businesses key insights on Wi-Fi performance, signal levels and strength, optimal coverage points, and more.

There are a few key benefits to virtual site surveys. For one, being done virtually allows much greater convenience for the network service provider. All businesses have to do is tell the service provider what they want to be surveyed and they can take over from their home or office. They can even implement the solutions remotely too.

Secondly, virtual site surveys are often more cost-effective. Without the need to send a technician and a vehicle, businesses can end up saving money and time during the survey process.

Virtual site surveys do not eliminate on-site visitations. Businesses can still choose traditional survey methods if they prefer. However, having both options available gives greater flexibility for both the business and the network service provider.