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When we first met with this national auto parts store, we learned that they did not have a national security program in place. And they primarily operated with one goal in mind…find the most affordable alarm provider for any new store being added to the chain. As a result of this approach, the company had more than 65 different alarm providers serving 280 stores across the country. There was no consistency with equipment or procedures.

Our experience allowed us to understand how this can happen. That not having a national loss prevention strategy can be a result of repeated acquisitions of time. Our account manager was able to spend time with the group and educate them on the tremendous value of creating standards of protection, using nonproprietary equipment and streamlining it all through one vender.  Taking the time to review goals allowed them the opportunity to recognize the potential ROI and other benefits that a national provider brings to the table.

When this auto parts company was itself acquired, one of their new sister companies – A long-time Vector Security Networks customer – assured the parent company that it would be a wise business decision to migrate all of its intrusion and fire alarm monitoring over to our award-winning central stations. In addition, we created additional efficiencies for the company by designing an unattended delivery access system so that deliveries can be made outside of normal business hours.