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There are a ton of different aspects that go into managing the day-to-day of a business.  Everything from overseeing budgets, employee time, and productivity require accuracy and persistence to ensure your business continues running smoothly.

However, one area that often gets overlooked is cable management. It may seem like a trivial issue, but how you manage your business’s cables plays a significant part in your network’s reliability as well as employee productivity. Learn the importance of good cable management and what you can do so it doesn’t become an issue for your business.

Why Cable Management is Important

Not only are tangled chords and unorganized cables an annoyance to deal with, but they can also hinder your employee’s productivity. Nobody wants to spend twenty minutes navigating an intricate network of cables just to get the copy machine working or their office computer running properly.

Troubleshooting errors becomes a nightmare, which can have serious implications for your business. If a network server cable has been altered or severed, you can create a lot of company-wide downtime trying to fix the issue. Your network relies on good cable management.

Unorganized cables can also pose a safety risk. Long chords out in the open are tripping hazards. If an employee was carrying a heavy item and fell from an extended chord, their injury could be severe.

Chords are a fire hazard when not plugged in properly. They can create a spark when not in the socket all the way. If a lot of chords are bunched together, it can be difficult to tell if one chord is not plugged in properly and also poses a much greater fire risk to your business. Not to mention, exposed wiring can be a fire safety and electrical safety hazard too.

Office Cable Management

The best way to prevent a tripping hazard is to utilize cord covers and cable protectors. You can use them on the wall or floor. Just make sure the cables are neatly compact inside whenever placing them, as tangled cords can lead to issues. Since your cords are secure underneath, you don’t have to constantly worry about untangling them.

These covers are plastic too, so exposed wiring won’t be an electrical hazard. However, it’s important to inspect your wires every couple of months, so you can replace any faulty wiring around the office before it becomes an issue.

You should also have secure power strips that are bolted or fastened into place in offices and public areas. Power strips make it much easier to track chords. If there’s ever an issue with a cable, the best thing to do is shut off the power supply, then try and find the faulty chord.

Another idea to consider is utilizing wireless technology whenever you can. Some items you could use around the office include wireless routers, keyboards, mouses, laptops instead of desktops, etc. Less wires ultimately mean less mess, easier cable management, and a cleaner workspace.

Network Cable Management

There are many benefits to having an onsite network server at your business. It can be a cost-effective solution that gives you more control over your business network. However, building one requires a specific set of skills and expertise. Not to mention, network cable management is a huge obstacle businesses must address when operating their own server. That is where a trusted network security provider comes in.

Vector Security Networks can design, install, and monitor onsite servers to help keep your business’s network running smoothly. Our trusted team of installers can build long-lasting and scalable networks and ensure your cables are properly installed and maintained. And if there’s ever an issue, one of our team members will be there as soon as possible to fix it.

Never underestimate the importance of cable management whenever it comes to your business’s network. If you would like to learn more about Vector Security Networks and what we can do for your business, feel free to contact us today.