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Did You Know - Physical Security

Video Verification Solutions are Gaining in Popularity

By April 23, 2020January 28th, 2021No Comments
At its core, Video Verification works with your intrusion alarm system to validate human vs. nonhuman threats onsite.  A Central Station professional receives an alarm and views specific cameras to isolate and evaluate the alarm event.  Here are some of benefits:
  • Offers an additional layer of protection
  • Alleviates unwanted false alarms that can cost you money
  • Reduces property loss
  • Provides real-time data to law enforcement leading to a higher apprehension success rate
Video Guard Tours
Video Verification is being used more and more to perform proactive Video Guard Tours. Video Guard Tours offer an increased level of cost-effective security which can:
  • Validate business opening and closing activities
  • View critical and restricted access areas
  • Observe parking lot activity
  • Provide visibility of the premise after hours
Guard Tours are set up and performed on a schedule by the date and time desired. Central Station professionals review, in real-time, what is taking place at the site, and will respond and report on any events.
With both solutions, the ability to incorporate audio can act as another deterrent to unwanted activity. When the system detects suspicious activity, a pre-recorded audio warning will be activated, or a live Central Station professional will assist to drive away threats.