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Did You Know - Physical Security

Public View Monitors (PVMs) are for more than just Loss Prevention

By May 1, 2020January 28th, 2021No Comments
Sure, they have traditionally been used to reveal the presence of cameras in the building—most often in storefronts, aisles and registers—alerting the public that their actions are being monitored.
They provide a remote camera feed, and many have the camera built directly into the unit, allowing for easy deployment. And PVMs, of course, have proven successful over the years in reducing crime and discouraging undesirable activity within a defined coverage area.
But today the PVM serves additional purposes beyond the needs of loss prevention. Purposes that can result in a much greater ROI and draw budget spends from other departments.
More than an “’awareness tool’
Today’s PVMs now serve a far greater purpose than a monitoring awareness tool.  Marketing departments use them to push advertising to the screens for custom onsite promotions, sometimes even activated by motion. Quick serve restaurants provide trivia and other information for customers waiting in line.
In fact, monitors can display:
·         menus for self-checkout
·         public reminders such as social distancing
·         new store hours
·         online order options
·         mass notification for a lost child
As we begin to navigate the “new normal,” the customer experience has never been more critical, and the PVM just might play a role.