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Did You Know - Managed Network Services

Operators no longer have to sift through hours of video footage to find a particular incident or event.

By November 25, 2021February 17th, 2022No Comments

When surveillance cameras are constantly recording and storing video, those digital files can add up quickly. And if businesses have massive backlogs of digital files, operators can spend hours, if not days, to find the necessary footage.

With the advent of video analytics, operators can input specific parameters for fast and efficient video retrieval. These include everything from:

  • Object type (person, animal, etc.)
  • Vehicle type (year, model, and color)
  • Types of incidents (loitering, theft, break-ins, etc.)
  • And more

Operators can use video analytics for IP cameras, video recorders, dedicated analytic servers, and cloud analytic providers. And with Video Retrieval as a Service, businesses can save time and money by outsourcing their video retrieval efforts to third-party experts.

Video analytics help improve operational efficiencies for businesses by reducing the time necessary to find important clips. Not to mention, third-party providers can handle the entire video retrieval process for them.