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A leading retailer with more than 1,000 locations at over 100 different airports sought to standardize their network designs and capabilities across all of their sites. They turned to Vector Security Networks, in part, because of our demonstrated experience in the airport space.

Engineering and Design

  •      Lack of design standardization between airport locations
  •      No network redundancy
  •      Expensive, low speed, T1 based network

Migration, Installation, and Support

  •      Poor circuit and device support experience
  •      Challenges with access and expertise in airport environments causing installation delays and revisits


As the one-source solution with experience designing security and network solutions for airport retail, Vector Security Networks worked with this international retailer to understand their needs and create a solution to address their standardization issues.

Engineering and Design

  •      Vector Security Networks standardized the design of all stores, and provided a single POC for device and circuit issues
  •      We redesigned their VPN concentrator and handled the migration to a new Fortinet platform

Migration, Installation, and Support

  •      Audited existing build-out expenses and conducted a detailed comparative analysis of going straight IPsec vs. legacy MPLS, substantially reducing costs
  •      Shared experience, along with a case study of a similar airport-based retailer and our proven airport methodology for successful harden network
  •      Vector Security Network negotiated all ETFs with losing carrier to make sure the customer wouldn’t be penalized while in transition

Single Source Solution

  •      Provide a single consolidated invoice for all services
  •      Working to define future physical security needs