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Did You Know - Physical Security

You might want to rethink intrusion systems in the New Normal

By February 17, 2021May 17th, 2021No Comments
As we all navigate through a new way of life, we are more aware than ever of the items we touch every day. One touchpoint we may not even think of is our intrusion system.
Pin pads and their rubber buttons become worn from daily arming and disarming while opening and closing the business. This is a big touchpoint, but it can be hard to clean. Most intrusion keypads are not rated for any water protection thus making them difficult to spray. The use of or overuse of water-based cleaning sprays and disinfectants can damage the electronics within a keypad. So how do we keep staff as safe as possible?
Mobile control
Most intrusion systems can be upgraded or installed with the ability to arm and disarm from a mobile app on a smartphone. By doing this, the owner can issue mobile logins to the intrusion panel for appropriate staff, allowing them to arm and disarm the panel from their phones. Owners or managers can define user rights and limitations and set notifications so they are alerted if unexpected activity happens onsite, such as a disarm at an odd time.
A simple change from inputting a code on a shard keypad to opening a secure app and tapping arm or disarm can reduce the amount of cross-staff touchpoints.
Team safety
Keeping employees is important, but employees working alone may face other threats by opening solo in dark, early mornings or closing late at night. In the same app used to arm and disarm, staff can also quickly trigger a panic alarm, allowing them to quickly alert a central monitoring center of an onsite emergency and dispatch help. This personal safety feature can be used while walking to or from a car in the parking lot or simply anytime a panic alarm is needed within the business.
Using an intrusion system is a must for protecting your physical property but by making small changes, can also impact health and safety.