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Visitor Management Systems are generating increasing interest in these uncertain times

By July 2, 2020January 28th, 2021No Comments
Keeping track of employees and visitors on company property is an important enterprise responsibility as it helps to keep businesses safe and secure.
With the current Covid-19 pandemic, visitor management systems play a much larger role then they traditionally have by screening visitors and even assisting in contact tracing. And having a true headcount in an emergency, such a fire, can assist first responders in cases of an actual emergency.
Better Than Pen and Paper
Traditionally many businesses have handled employee and visitor management with a simple pen and paper approach. In fact, this approach is still often used today. But there are better options.
Incorporating an access control system as an employee and visitor management tool can serve multiple tasks within one integrated system. Establishing self-check-in/check-out stations, managing off-limit areas by access levels, and generating headcount reports are just a few of the tasks a business can expect from a good visitor management system. And with today’s technology, these tasks can be performed on-the-go with cloud-connected solutions.
Video Integration
Integration with video systems also allows for quick and easy audits and research of who was where and at what time. Using video with an employee and visitor management tool provides the ability to see into the moment of a person’s actions while onsite, providing a more robust overview of the property.