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Did You Know - Physical Security

Semiconductors supply-chain shortages could potentially impact business security across the country

By May 12, 2021May 17th, 2021No Comments

Semiconductors are everywhere. From security cameras to smartphones and smart household appliances, all modern IoT devices use them. The device you’re using to read this has one. They are a bedrock to our current tech infrastructure.

Without them, we would be unable to maintain the current challenges of working remotely. However, it is due to that sudden shift in workplace dynamics that demand is far outpacing supply.

Why It Matters

Many industries are feeling the effects of the supply shortage, particularly in the US. But regardless of the industry, business cannot afford to have its security interrupted because of the shortage.

Modern security systems require semiconductors to function. They are in cameras and alarm panels. While the shortage won’t affect current installations, it will impact future ones.

As companies grow this year, or upgrade outdated systems, they want to make sure properties continue to have access to what could be a limited supply of cameras and alarm panels.

Pick the Right Partner

It is highly recommend that businesses work with a security integrator with trusted relationships with product suppliers across the industry to ensure their security isn’t impacted.

There are a lot of moving parts in a company’s supply chain. However, with the sudden shortage of semiconductors, maintaining that business-supplier relationship through these uncertain times should be a security provider’s utmost concern.