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Did You Know - Physical Security

Pairing video and audio together makes a more robust, holistic business solution

By January 21, 2021January 28th, 2021No Comments
Using your cameras onsite to view what is going on is a great tool for security and operational efficiencies. But adding audio can take the solution to the next level.
Cameras with analytics and networked speakers can work together to accomplish many goals, including:
  • letting incoming guests know updated hours or current sales,
  • communicating safety instructions in stock rooms and warehouses,
  • improving operational efficiencies in real time, and
  • informing loitering persons that they need to leave or that an area is off limits.
In fact, on that last point, once a Central Station Operator sees what is going on, a “voice down” solution can communicate directly to the loitering person and address the situation remotely.
By using video and audio together, you will gain additional benefits and return on your investment.
Don’t have video onsite or have an older solution? 
Some audio devices have built in motion detection capabilities and can be used to trigger audio messages. This is useful in entryways, video sensitive areas, or where camera coverage is not available. Schedules and other devices onsite can also be used to activate audio devices.