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Leveraging technology can transform a good business into a smart business

By May 15, 2020January 28th, 2021No Comments
But what is a smart business? A smart business adopts emerging technology to deliver on business strategies, drive operational efficiencies and lower undesirable costs.
Smarter temperature control
One of the simplest forms of smart business solutions has existed in many homes for years…automated HVAC systems. Automating a business HVAC system will lower operational costs and assist with maintenance. For example, a business might lower or raise the temperature automatically when the security alarm panel is armed, removing a step for the closing manager while saving on energy costs. And if your system is not running correctly, a manager can receive a notification, giving your business a proactive approach on maintenance and security.
Smarter access control
How does your business check-in visitors today? Paper sign-in sheet and a “Hello my name is..” sticker? Use your access control system to assist with visitor management. Easily assign access to guests and always know when and where they were while onsite. Trace and monitor people traffic while reopening your business. Provide no-contact visitor sign-ins. These are simple ways of using technology to make your business smarter.
So many smart business options
Managing site capacity and distancing has changed in the new normal. Making your business smarter means using your technology differently (e.g., post new operational protocols and hours or alert consumers of anticipated wait times and occupancy capacity). How about facial recognition that identifies and alerts an unmasked customer that a mask is required?
Smart business solutions provide automation of tasks, enhanced reporting and better management of the customer experience. Wouldn’t you like to know that your meat freezer door was left open or where a visitor has been while onsite and who they had contact with? Wouldn’t you like to have enhanced accessibility to your business operations from your mobile device?
Understanding how you can make your business smarter can lower your total cost of ownership and keep you in the know!