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If your business operates branch offices or remotes that have spotty or unpredictable Internet connections, you should consider using a wireless carrier as a backup way to connect to the Internet.

That way, when your primary network goes down unexpectedly, your wireless network backup keeps your network devices up and running. Wireless network backups are the smart way to make sure your business is always working. Here’s how they work.

How a Wireless Network Backup Keeps Your Business Running

Wireless network backup services leverage a cellular carrier’s high-speed 4G LTE network. They offer broadband connection speeds that are fast enough to serve as backup Internet connections.

Wireless network backup services keep your critical applications up and running. These applications include:

  • Point-of-Sale registers
  • Email
  • IP video cameras
  • Access control devices
  • Cloud services
  • Product-tracking technologies
  • ATMs
  • Remote applications
  • Inventory applications
  • Database applications

One advantage of wireless network backup services is that cellular data, unlike Wi-Fi data, is always encrypted. While not a replacement for other data security methods, this simplifies deployment and reduces the possibility of data compromise.

Another advantage is connection resiliency. With wireless network backup services, you are less vulnerable to cable damage and utility issues, including power outages. Essentially, if the cell towers are still working, so are you, because you’re still connected to the Internet through your wireless network backup.

Here are the things to look for in a wireless network backup for your business.

Automatic Disruption Detection

The best wireless network backup services detect disruptions to your wireline connections and automatically switch your primary access over to the wireless connection.

This keeps your mission-critical applications up and running. When the outage is over, everything seamlessly switches back to your primary Internet connection.

Adequate Speeds

Make sure your cellular carrier offers speeds in excess of 100 Mbps. Slower speeds may not be a viable alternative for your business.

Service Area

Choose a wireless network backup service that covers the service area for all of your locations, especially any rural ones that are prone to have poor cellular coverage.

A Solution, Not Just Hardware

There are plenty of hardware vendors that will sell you a router that serves as an endpoint for traditional wired terminations as well as 4G LTE connections. But if you want a reliable wireless network backup service, look for a business that supplies a complete wireless network backup solution, not just a piece of hardware.

Consultative Approach

Yes, wireless network backups are a mixture of hardware and software, but you can’t expect to just buy a solution off the shelf. The right solution depends on where your network currently stands. And that’s something that a good vendor helps you establish, through a consultation and needs assessment at the start of your installation.

VoIP Integration

If your business uses VoIP phones, then when your wired Internet connection goes down, so does your office phone network. So, make sure the wireless network backup you choose integrates with your VoIP system. Whether your VoIP system is just internal, or if you also use it as a direct line to the outside world (namely, your customers and suppliers), you literally cannot afford to lose access to your phone system.

Regular Testing

You don’t want to wait until your wired Internet fails to discover that your wireless network backup isn’t functioning properly. Look for a vendor who tests your wireless network backup regularly so that you know you are protected.


Finally, choose a vendor who offers plans that suit your needs and your budget. Most wireless network backup plans are billed monthly. But the overall cost of the service also includes a one-time setup fee to install and configure the cellular backup router.

Plus, there may be additional fees for bandwidth usage, such as an extra charge per GB of data over a given threshold. Read the fine print in any contract to be sure you understand what you are paying for.

There was a time when, if your Internet connection stopped, your business stopped. But today, you needn’t fear when your Internet goes down. Not if you have a backup way of accessing the Internet.

That peace of mind comes with a good wireless network backup—the kind supplied by Vector Security Networks. Contact us to see how we can help.