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Did You Know - Physical Security

Access control can be much more than entrance management in the New Normal

By February 3, 2021May 17th, 2021No Comments
While remote workers are becoming a bigger part of everyday operations, onsite workers continue to play a critical role for most businesses, especially as we reopen the retail and service sectors.  Integrated access control can help make this simpler and safer.
Remote Operation
Utilizing an access control system allows staff to issue credentials remotely to new employees, increasing efficiency and decreasing interaction. Lock and unlock schedules require more flexibility as business hours change with local regulations. Appropriate access control also provides the ability to remotely unlock doors for deliveries, cleaning crew and other third-party entries that do not need or have credentials.
Awareness can drive a safer business environment. Receiving instant remote notifications such as door left open or an unauthorized attempt to gain access provides an important sense of security for everyone within the location.
Securing from Threats and Losses
Bad events usually happen quickly. But by utlizing a lockdown feature within an access control platform, you can quickly secure the building and even isolate potential threats.
Items in the past we would never have thought to “lock up” are now becoming overused, misused or stolen. Items like PPE can be in high demand. Add access control to closets and storage spaces to help manage access and help track supply and demand.
Management can be simple by integrating your access control system with your HR software, letting automation add and remove users for you.
In short, using the appropriate access control solution can help keep staff at a safe distance, drive onsite safety and efficiently complete day-to-day tasks, which can result in cost savings.